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Wedding Invitation Ideas For Your Big Day

As you plan your wedding, you're thinking about the invitations you are going to send out. You want your invitations to represent your personality and the type of event you are having. Here are some  wedding invitation ideas if you are planning a tea-themed old-fashioned wedding, a green wedding, or a casual outdoor affair.

Tea invitations

Many brides choose to include a tea party as part of their wedding celebration. Tea invitations are delicate in style, decorated with soft pastels, lace, and transparent ribbon and bows. Tea invitations tell an attendee that they will be arriving to a lovely intimate celebration with tea cakes and a lovely assortment of tea and coffee to enjoy. If you are planning on making your wedding more old-fashioned in style, a tea invitation tells your guests that they can expect a small affair with your closest family and friends in attendance. When decorating your tea invitations, cursive script and soft hues, such as yellow, mint green, light blue, and violet add the perfect touch.

Green invitations

Your environmentally-friendly wedding will include re-purposing old glass jars into vases, using gorgeous silk flowers instead of real blooms, and creating invitations out of recycled paper. You can keep your theme of a green wedding strong by printing your invitations on paper that has seeds embedded in it. This seeded paper can be planted by your guests to later grow a beautiful flower or patch of wheat grass. This type of invitation is a gift in disguise and helps keep your environmentally-friendly wedding theme strong.

Casual invitations

If your wedding is more about having a great time than making sure your plates match the napkins, then a simple, fun invitation is all you need. Consider making a collage of your favorite photos from your phone to include on a single-page invitation, telling your guests that their attendance is gift enough for your wedding. The more casual your wedding, the more low-key your invitations have to be. Type the details on the front of your invite and place fun photos on the back, incorporating your wedding colors into the font. Your guests will love the keepsake photo collage they can display on their fridge for months to come.

You want your wedding invitations to display the theme of your wedding best. Whether you are planning an intimate old-fashioned wedding with a tea party for your most admired guests or a casual affair with your family and friends, there is a perfect wedding invitation style that will work for any kind of wedding you desire.

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