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Vegas Vows: Making Your Wedding Vows Meaningful On Short Notice

Vegas' reputation for spur of the moment matrimony does not make your Vegas wedding any less meaningful. Some studies have actually shown that the bigger the wedding, the higher the chance of divorce. Couples who prefer to pass up extensive planning for a quick wedding have different priorities but just as much love between them. One of the best ways to show your huge amount of love at your small Vegas wedding is through your wedding vows. Your vows give you the opportunity to personalize your wedding and show your spouse just how much they mean to you. Here are a few ways to make your Vegas vows meaningful. 

  1. Make sure you arrange a time to exchange vows during the ceremony. No matter what method you use for your nuptials, whether it be drive-through style or an Elvis impersonator, make sure you have arranged beforehand to say a few words to each other. For many couples, this is the most important part of the ceremony and will make it a special day for both of you. 
  2. Don't stress about writing the perfect vow. If you're not a poet and you failed your college English class, don't feel like your can't come up with a vow that is meaningful and special. Getting stressed about writing the perfect monologue defeats the purpose of your Vegas wedding. Chances are, perfectly organized is not your style as a couple anyway. Your spouse-to-be just wants to know why he or she matters to you. Talk about the first time you met or your favorite things to do together. You could even come up with a list of yours and your partners' favorite movie quotes if you think that will be meaningful. Keeping it simple will go along with the theme of your Vegas wedding. 
  3. Write down some notes. Even if your wedding is spontaneous, take a few minutes to jot down what you would like to say to the love of your life. In that moment of excitement when Elvis is about to pronounce you husband and wife, it may be hard for you to remember exactly what you wanted to say to show your love and appreciation. 

Just like your Vegas wedding, remember to have fun with your vows. You will find that when you think about everything you love about your partner, writing about it will be a really great experience for you.  

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